An All-in-One Amusement Park!

The Thunderdome is the most innovative and extreme tower design to date anywhere. This unique design combines all of the most extreme participatory sports in the world. More thrills, more excitement, more revenue!

Your Choice of Activities
Your custom tower would combine any or all of the following mind-blowing events:

• Bungee Jumping - Still the most adrenaline producing activity on the planet.

• The RIPRIDE® - Fly like Superman on the fastest ‘flying fox’ around.

• SCAD - Freefall into a net supported by bungee cords. Believe it!

• Big Swing - A 50m arc in our purpose-built chair.

• The Ejection Seat® - Shoot straight up at 90 degrees on our specially designed chair.

• Skyscraper - 4 or 8 riders are seated on the ends of two windmill-like arms, rotating at up to 60 mph and pulling 4 Gs.

• Catapult – One rider propelled at 45 degrees from a giant slingshot!

• Observation Deck - Watch all the extreme activities from a variety of unique perspectives at a height of 50m.

• A 50m Rock Wall!

• SkyJumping - Suspended from a cable, one rider flies into the open air at almost the speed of freefall, securely controlled by our purpose-built decelerating unit.

• Tower Running - One rider, face to the ground, runs down the side of the tower, secured and controlled with a purpose-built descender.

Fun for Everyone

With its ‘all-access’ decks and walkways the Thunderdome allows for observers to be closer during the course of the activity than ever possible before, while at the same time creating for them a safe and protected viewpoint. This allows the observer to experience the ride before trying it.

More For Your Dollar! Low Investment!

With up to ten activities all on one structure, the Thunderdome design allows for the maximum use of space and revenue per square meter. In addition, without the relatively exorbitant investment for several, single-activity structures, your capital savings are huge. Everyway you look at it, the Thunderdome is an excellent value!

We Are With You All The Way!

Every Thunderdome comes with 24-hour technical support that continues throughout the life of the rides. We’ll give you help with the implementation, installation, and start-up operations. Gravity Works/BCI provides one of the strongest warranties in the industry.

Contact Information:

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