A Windmill at Mach-4!

The towering Skyscraper is the fastest, most exhilarating extreme ride in the world. The Skyscraper can now carry four, eight or sixteen passengers. Riders are comfortably seated at each end of the Skyscraper’s windmill-like arms. Then as it takes off, quickly spinning at up to 60 miles per hour, the passengers whip through the air, feeling the same intense force as pulling 4 Gs in a jet. As the Skyscraper slows and stops, they get a bird’s eye view of the park, 160 feet in the air.

120mph Scissors?

The newest addition to the Gravity Works/BCI Skyscraper product line is the eight or sixteen person Scissor Skyscraper. Two windmill-like arms, rotating at 60mph in opposite directions, thrill the riders on one arm as they pass the riders on the other arm at speeds of over 120 mph! While increased capacity is often associated with a decrease in thrill, the Scissor Skyscraper does not follow this norm. Not only does our new counter-rotating arm design add to the excitement of our single arm models, but it also has up to twice the rider capacity. Bigger thrills and more revenue!

Boost Your Profile and Profits, Too

The Skyscraper is a high-profile, high-profit centerpiece to any park. Besides the separate ride admission charged (usually $20 or more), video, T-shirts and other ride memorabilia, can take in up to an additional $20 per customer.

Built With Safety in Mind

The Skyscraper was designed and tested by our high-tech computer-assisted design and engineering programs so it’s thoroughly tested for maximum durability and safety before it’s actually built. We use only the strongest, top-quality materials and connect each strategic part with full-penetration welds. It exceeds ASTM-F24 standards and has passed every state, provincial and international inspection easily.

Full Support and Service

Every ride comes with 24-hour technical support that’s good throughout the life of the ride. We’re happy to help you with the implementation, installation, and start-up operations for the Skyscraper. Low-cost liability insurance is available and Gravity Works/BCI provides one of the strongest warranties in the industry.

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