Since 1990 BCI has been providing cutting-edge experiences, rides, designs, and activities for operators around the world. BCI has grown from a small bungee jumping operation to a full-scale provider of top-quality products and services for the extreme and professional sports industries, the military and aerospace programs. In doing so, the BCI name has become synonymous with Innovation, Quality, Service, and Value.

BCI's respect and notoriety was established, in part, with its leadership role in the formation of safety associations, the development and authoring of safety standards in conjunction with government bodies as well as the private sector. BCI has testified in court cases and public inquiries as an expert witness consulting in accident reconstruction and the conduct of safe procedures. BCI's President still sits on the Board of Directors of both the North American Bungee Association and the Canadian Bungee Association.

Currently, BCI has four main product divisions: Bungee Jumping Products and Services, Amusement Rides, Stunt Engineering and Specialty Bungee Products.

The Bungee Jumping Products division specializes in the design and manufacture of bungee towers, bungee cords, bungee-related equipment such as bungee harnesses, slings, ropes, air bags, and bungee training courses. BCI's involvement in a project can include location assessment, customized concept tower design, site layout design, tower design drawings, tower/ride manufacture, training courses and continued equipment sales and support. BCI has been responsible for introducing bungee jumping and other rides into several countries including Chile , Ukraine , and India among others. BCI has official distributors in Korea, China, North America and Europe. BCI also has an extensive international list of satisfied clients in 21 countries.

The Amusement Ride division, operating under the name Gravity Works, specializes in the design and manufacture of extreme amusement rides. Gravity Works owns several patents for its amusement rides and concepts. Some of Gravity Works’ innovations include the Ejection Seat, the Skyscraper,
the RIPRIDE® cable slide, the Extreme Machine ™ multi-activity tower and the Thunderdome ™ multi-activity tower. These multi-activity towers are the wave of the future and will be standard installments in Extreme Parks worldwide.

The Stunt Engineering division provides assistance in the areas of stunt concept design, rigging design and manufacture, installation as well as the stunt performers themselves. BCI has been involved in varying degrees with establishing several world records for Bungee Jumping; including longest jump all categories, longest jump from a hot air balloon, and longest jump from a building. Much of the stunts designed and executed by our professionals are done for either reality TV shows or TV commercials.

The Specialty Bungee Products division specializes in the custom design and manufacture of unique bungee products. In such, we act as a prototyping center for our clients who are experimenting with new ideas for uses involving bungee cords, springs, or rubber, and custom rigging. Customers using products and services in this division range from military, professional sports teams, recreational athletes, and circus performers. Samples of products in this category are elastic elements for rocket launchers, aircraft arrest systems, and variable resistance training systems for professional athletes.

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