The Amusement Ride division, operating under the name Gravity Works, specializes in the design and manufacture of extreme amusement rides. Gravity Works owns several patents for its amusement rides, and ideas. Some of Gravity Works' innovations include the Ejection Seat, the Skyscraper, the RIPRIDEŽ cable slide, the Extreme Machine (TM) multi-activity tower, and the Thunderdome (TM) multi-activity tower. These multi-activity towers are the wave of the future and will be standard installments in Extreme Parks worldwide.

Gravity Works has been responsible for introducing bungee jumping and other rides into several countries including Chile, Ukraine, and India among others. The company has successfully engineered rides for carnivals, parks and related family entertainment markets.

Gravity Works is a very customer-focused, committed to solve all of its related client's needs and doing everything it possibly can to keep them satisfied. In this section you will find an array of offerings suitable for your company.